SPHERES Austin Lee

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The SPHERES Austin Lee app comes together with the book bearing the same name. Discover Austin Lee’s work and process with this app using augmented reality.

SPHERES are close creative collaborations between an artist, the editor, graphic designer Philippe Karrer and programmer Tibor Udvari. Each issue is dedicated to a young artist and his or her practice, functioning as an exploration of character, surroundings, everyday experiences, inspirations, and ideas. Through this constellation approach, and using unconventional and innovative formats, each publication offers a holistic understanding of the artist and his or her work. The focus lies on what is important to the artist during the time period of working together, thereby capturing the essence of the artist’s work at a particular moment. Each issue is both a document and an expression of the artist/designer collaboration.

This edition has won the prestigious Most beautiful swiss book’s award given by the Swiss Cultural Comitee.

Animations orverlain on pages
Interactive sculptures
Book cover