Here Hear

#computervision #audio #collaboration

Here Hear is an iOS app that translates vision into melody.

It’s a camera app that uses color contrasts and edge detection to recognize shapes around you. Point the camera anywhere to see the visual structure of what you see.

The second part is the sound of those shapes. Each generated shape has it’s own color, and each corresponds with a note. There are 12 notes related to the 12 colors of the app. On first tap, the image freezes and a timeline starts moving across the image. Every time this timeline hits a shape, you hear a tone.

It’s a tool for finding melodies in a visual way. Instead of using traditional musical instruments, which are usually played based on your decision, Here Hear can help you find melodies that are floating around you.

Here Hear is an app by visual artist Rafaël Rozendaal.

It was created to accompany the book Everything Always Everywhere, published by Valiz, available here.

Involvement: prototyping and code

Shapes are recognized from images
The book - Everything Always Everywhere